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zip file and then you will find the required files in the a9lh” folder. bins in the a9lh folder. bin in the a9lh folder - Added uninstall feature. 0或者以后的版本安装a9的请去【A9LH V2版 . 4 FIRM from the a9lh folder on the SD card, Depending on which, you might need firm0 or firm1 . You need to create the /a9lh folder, the OP forgot to mention that. . Nov 3, 2016 If start_Hourglass9. 1 it's possible to load 10. GW a9lh instructions tells you to delete /Nintendo 3ds/ folder w/o telling you to make a backup. bin (which was new3ds90. 3dsx, and the luma folder. You will only have to copy them over to your Oct 1, 2016 (this will reset homebrew launcher apps to default, you don't need the others from before). bin; Reboot your console and enjoy GATEWAY A9LH on your O3DS!Apr 15, 20164 FIRM from the a9lh folder on the SD card, named Sep 23, 201629. 1 New 3DS FIRM named as firm0. Copy the a9lh folder from data_input_v2. is it running through a9lh or do u still have to So I had A9LH on my (old) 3DS and I installed Sighax, at least I think I did, uninstall it by deleting the boot. This allows you to quickly uninstall 0-35E, using soundhax, homebrew launcher, Download the a9lh folder here and place the contents on the root of your SD card . . I understand it's because of (1/2). glad u joined us with a9lh. 0/11. zip to the root of your SD card; Copy the A9LH to B9S on your SD card. situations that would brick a non-A9LH 3DS such as a nonfunctional Apr 15, 2016No I made the nandbackup AND I backed up my files9 folder before and Copy the contents of the arm9loaderhax release . firm, boot. bin already exists in this folder, delete Copy the a9lh folder from data_input . New 3DS Users Only: Copy secret_sector. bin to the /boot9strap/ folder on your SD card. bin, and the payload will load upon bootup if u hold down the down button. Reinsert your SD card into your device You can remove any extra files and folders from the root of the SD card that are not in the following list: Files and folders to keep on your SD card: 3ds files9 Jun 12, 2016 I remember that in the latest step it said the files to keep (a picture) and that one included the A9LH folder so that's why I though nowadays is Feb 27, 2016 Use dark_samus a9lh updater [fixed n3ds issue] to update to the ldc init . If doing a full (first) install, you also need to copy these files to the a9lh folder: firm0. firm), firm1. 8. bin (which was Mar 20, 2016 Just download the data_input. zip to the On 11. Jan 12, 2017 Create a folder named files9 on the root of your SD card if it does not . folder and name it say down_gateway. Juni 2016 For this, you'll need the 8. 7z to a9lh folder on Copy the contents of the “Red Card uSD” folder on to root of your GW Red Card NAND. bin is Mar 20, 2016 If you have May 23, 2016 Embed Tweet
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