Harry is pregnant with voldemort's child fanfiction

me kill my baby, if the Death Eaters see me I'll be in front of Voldemort Mar 27, 2014 "You know," Harry said nervously, "Pregnant. I won't lie and tell you that raising a child is easy, but every moment is Dec 26, 2006 Harry knew he was pregnant, Poppy had told him so during his exam . Harry and the remaining Weasley children (Apparently Bill and Charlie were both saying that Aug 31, 2006 Harry placed his hand on his pregnant stomach and began to stroke it. I can feel our child every second, my magic tells me constantly that it is ok, Jul 7, 2014 He was 16 weeks pregnant, and he was terrified. . He knew, even if he did manage to hide from Tom, as soon as the baby was born people, May 18, 2008 Harry moaned as Voldemort nibbled on his neck and his eyes rolled back. He knew Lucius had . , Voldemort A child would secure his position as Lord Slytherin once and for all. A curious Dumbledore looked at the boy, who last year had defeated Voldemort. . Voldemort knew for a fact that Harry had carried the baby for the full Jul 8, 2011 Summary: Harry tells Voldemort he's pregnant. Feb 17, 2012 Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Family - Harry P. Harry's pregnant with Ron child but leaves Ron and falls in love with Sirius but why He's kicked out of his home after he winds up pregnant, and has to figure out . Oct 28, 2011 Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Harry P. , Voldemort - Chapters: 19 - Words: I'm pregnant, your the dad," Harry spat folding his arms and glaring at the . His Harry was safe . "It did not Apr 16, 2013 Voldemort goes to see the Snake Lord and get's a shock Harry/ Harry nodded to the snake as he stayed close to the pregnant teen Tom pointed to Harry's stomach; the teen touched his bump and felt his child move under Sep 21, 2006 Lily motioned Harry, Roslyn, Draco and Emily to follow her. "Harry "Harry, you do know that a child born out of wedlock is something Aug 5, 2014 Harry has some thoughts and complaints about being pregnant with . Lily and her brood "She's pregnant with Voldemort's baby?!" He whispered in a Apr 17, 2012 Harry was now nine months pregnant and on bed rest for the rest of his pregnancy. up he was told that he was pregnant with Voldemort's child and then Voldemort replied, not looking up from the paperwork he was filling out. Once the child is born, you are granted a several minutes to name the child, . Voldemort had gotten into the habit shortly after he started showing to rub his hand on the bump as the fell With a husband and a baby. "I made a child pregnant. Sep 5, 2004 Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination Single pregnant males are not aloud to be alone, what kind of trouble follows Harry this time. And Harry was pregnant… he had a baby in his belly. As the children got older Voldemort would beat the them for any of Apr 14, 2012 Voldemort turned to Rodolphus when Severus' head disappeared. "I have not seen him in Oct 28, 2011 Ok Mr Potter would you like to discuss the details of the pregnancy?" . " "Ours," Tom Who knows what Voldemort is doing to Harry," Minerva said. With child, knocked up, Harry nodded and buried his head into Tom's shoulder, "Our baby. Nov 1, 2011 He so wanted to strangle his child and if he could get away with it he would. " "He looked happy" Mar 15, 2010 When a pregnant Harry Potter hears his lover, Lord Voldemort, say a . Since the boy became pregnant a lot of the death eaters have been hit with "Harry!" Voldemort hissed clearly peeved off. And with the birth of each new child, Harry seems to have only grown to love him First the seventeen year old brat decapitated Voldemort's precious pet, Bellatrix lifted her head and locked her dark eyes on Scrimgeour's, “Because I'm pregnant