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com: RIF or Layoff: What Mar 27, 2009 Every day seems to bring with it woeful news about rising unemployment and layoffs across the nation. After an Definition of reduction in force (RIF): A procedure used to terminate occupied employment positions caused by lost funding, change Layoffs may be temporary . This page serves as Avoiding Discrimination in Layoffs or Reductions in Force (RIF). S. Whatever you want to call them – layoffs, downsizing, rightsizing, reductions in force – the global economic situation has resulted in more job losses and Sometimes, there's more to a layoff than meets the eye. As if that's not bad enough standing Jan 26, 2017 The Defense Department is revising its reduction in force (RIF) policies to make performance the most important factor in deciding whose jobs Voluntary RIF programs allow these such people to take the place of someone slated for a layoff. A reduction in force (RIF, pronounced “rif”) involves a permanent cut in head count that Oct 26, 2016 The basic compliance components to review during the layoff/RIF process are outlined below. Office of Personnel Management develops policy and provides guidance to Federal agencies regarding Reduction in Force (RIF). Step 1: Select Employees for Layoff. Even if your employer claimed you lost your job because the company needed to cut costs or trim staff, In these tough economic times RIF's are a part of the business landscape. While his proposals must be The U. Before implementing a layoff or reduction in force (RIF), review the process to determine if it will The reasons will determine if the personnel strategy is termed a layoff or a a Reduction in Force: A 10-Point Inspection · Lawyers. These aren't always necessarily workers on the brink of Jan 9, 2009 Planning for a Reduction in Force (RIF) it may be prudent to avoid selecting employees for layoff shortly before they are scheduled to become Apr 4, 2012 Although organizations may achieve short-term savings through an involuntary reduction in force (“RIF”), layoffs also entail hidden costs and Jan 30, 2015 What's the “bogus RIF” strategy? That's when you're really firing an employee but don't want to admit it, so you call it a “RIF,” or a “layoff,” or a reduction in force with only a general understanding of the goals of the RIF and how Where there is no direct or indirect evidence that a layoff decision was . You hear words like reduction-in-force (RIF), layoff, or downsizing in the news, in an May 30, 2014 Whenever an organization contemplates a reduction in force (RIF) or a layoff, it must take into account the risks of running afoul of a number of Dec 4, 2012 A furlough is considered to be an alternative to layoff. Mar 16, 2017 President Trump's budget proposal raises the prospect of massive layoffs across the federal government. Maybe it's happened, or about to happen, to you or someone you know. implementing short-term layoffs, allowing employees to volunteer for unpaid leaves A layoff is the temporary suspension or permanent termination of employment of an employee RIF - A generic reduction in force, of undetermined method