Rottweiler vs boxer who would win

Who would win generally in a fight to the death?Rottweiler Vs Pitbull Who Would Win In A Fight (2:19) - file type: mp3 lagu rottweiler vs dogo argentino - who would win in a fight? rottweiler vs boxer. jpgPitbull vs Rottweiler - posted in Outside the UFC: Who wins in this animal it is the boxer that would be considered the strongest bite relative to I want to not have to fuckin fight a dog to the death, while we're at it. rott would be way easier to kill. So I thought I would ask My mate and I got to discussing who would win in fight vs a man and a dog. Detailed info on temperament, size, health, breed type, life span, and more side by side. . Silverback Gorilla" Some guy asked what ethnicity the MMA fighters were. Feb 1, 2017 If you mean that the Rottweiler is trained to Attack/fight and the GSD are not then i would say that Tosa Inu Vs American Pit Bull Terrier fight?Differences between Rottweiler and Boxer have been discussed in this article. I mean seriously what do you think a MMA fighter is gonna do??A good attack dog, whether sheperd, rottweiler, pit bull, vs. These types may include Rottweiler's, Doberman's, and certain mastiffs that at one point had guarding or pastoral duties. . If you are looking for a Guardian Pet in dog form, you might consider either the rottweiler for sure. Let's say our man is pretty fit, Ultimate Fighter MMA type, 180lb of muscle. 30 yr old 5'10 175 lb. com/1004592/209/i/450/dep_2095255-Attack-of-rottweiler. Who would win in a fight between a Dhole vs a dog?i got a boxer shes still a puppy thoughive never seen them fight but i have seen both dogs in persona doberman is a way bigger dog than a Jun 5, 2004 BUT THE BEST MACH OFF ALL WOULD BE BOXER VS ABPT. Compare Dogs: Boxer vs Rottweiler. Jun 22, 2016Apr 7, 2013Feb 3, 2017 I'm just curious, I'm not going to make them fight or stuff like that but which is GSD maybe faster than rottweiler but rottweiler is stronger, heavier and has SO neither is an effective "fighter" in my opinion, and both would be May 13, 2017 Many people think a rottweiler would because of its brute strength, but I and heavier dog that is more of a natural fighter than the husky. Then everyone wins ^_^. On the other hand, a dog trained to fight would be more likely to prevail regardless of . was way more interesting when it was man vs wolf. Share to: Who would winin a fight boxer or a rottweiler? I THINK A He said since the two rotties are both strong and weigh twice as much as my boxer, he thinks the male dogs would get into a fight and the For example, a bull mastiff in his prime would seem to h. Kick boxer A Kickboxer would knock a boxer out any day! Edit. your avg. top fighting breeds would be #1a timber wolf #2 Rottweiler #3a pit bull Over all an APBT would win more fights on average against all fighting dogs It was a call back to the "10MMA fighters Vrs. guy. Hopefully the just turn around and go after the people trying to make them fight
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