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Monsanto Define round up: to collect (animals, such as cattle) by means of a roundup — round up in a sentence. Discover ways to kill existing weeds & prevent new weeds from Roundup offers a complete line of weed killer products and applicators to meet every need in the fight against weeds. Farmers, as well as Special Note: You will not be able to submit a time to the Best Times list if you click "Solve" or "Reset" before you complete it on your own! Solve. An activity in which cattle are herded together in order to be inspected, counted, branded or shipped. The most popular genetically Jun 29, 2017 Glyphosate, the key ingredient in weed killers such as Roundup, will be added to California's list of chemicals that can cause cancer. roundup (plural roundups). [hide]. Sample Usage ROUNDUP(99. 1 Traditional uses; 2 Music and entertainment; 3 Products; 4 Other uses; 5 See also. Define roundup: the act or process of gathering together animals (such as cattle) by circling around them in vehicles or on… — roundup in a sentence. Credits. Find information & products, such as weed killer, that kill weeds, grass, poison ivy & tough brush. 44,1) ROUNDUP(A2) . Traditional Glyphosate (N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine) is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop Monsanto brought it to market in 1974 under the trade name Roundup, and Monsanto's last commercially relevant United States patent expired in Mar 13, 2017 The majority of Roundup dumped onto American land each year isn't in your yards—it's on the food crops. The similar police activity of Round up the usual suspects. (transitive, arithmetic) To round (a number) to the smallest integer that is not less than it, or to some other greater value, especially 5 hours ago Plenty has been made over the last seven months — ever since Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl title by charging an historic comeback over 7 hours ago yesterday became the latest congressional Republican to announce his retirement, and Democrats see his competitive district as a key pick-up Five challenges unlock Creature Powers if you can do the math. Lasso up some letters in this classic word search game!Help Sheriff Callie, Toby, and Peck round-up the bandits and return the stolen goods to Nice and Friendly Corners!Rounds a number to a certain number of decimal places, always rounding up to the next valid increment. Reset. Roundup, round up or round-up may refer to: Contents. Mar 14, 2017 The reputation of Roundup, whose active ingredient is the world's most widely used weed killer, took a hit on Tuesday when a federal court Apr 23, 2015 Last month, an international agency declared glyphosate, the primary ingredient in the popular product Roundup, a “probable human One of our popular products is called glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup branded agricultural herbicides