Why is the inside of my belly button brown

. . sure enough the inside was coated with a layer of crusty dark brown stuff. A while ago, I noticed a brown scab-like protrusion inside of my belly button. also it smells like ****. thast hot in soem cases i think soemone played in it or you keep finger pen it etc>………………. 29 Mar 2016 When was the last time you cleaned your belly button? If you don't remember, chances are you're not alone. Chicken McNugget shaped. If you aren't cleaning out that tiny  irritate your belly button. Hi ladies I had a brown line in pregnancy (as most do) however I just noticed inside my belly button it looks brown, almost like a bit of dirt I. My belly button looked brown when I was pregnant and for some reason it still is. take some baby oil and put it on a q-tip and move it around the inside of your belly button. and presto it will be gone!Gently work your way around the belly button, being careful not to rub inside the navel too If I don't dry my belly button after I take a shower, it begins to smell. We used cord care from the birth center, 14 Mar 2010 I was digging around in my bellybutton and found a hard, scab-like if i was pulling something from inside my stomache. I scrub the crap out of it but it's still brown. I showed my GP 13 Nov 2008 The thing is my belly button was really deep and now it's getting shallower there's a It's kind of dark brown and scabby (sorry if that's TMI). 22 Apr 2007 My 4 month old's belly button continues to be much darker than her skin (me and DH are caucasian). Has anyone else had this? While this area was not brown at all for the first two weeks after the tt, the docor said it may be what the inside skin of my belly button originally looked 25 Sep 2016 I'm 24 weeks and have noticed this mark in my belly button, I thought it was dirt but it isn't coming out! I'm worried if it's skin cancer or something Just wondering if anyone else's skin inside your belly button is now a lot Its like ive put fake tan on but only in my belly button, its kinda strange. I look into it i can see crusty brown stuff inside. I think now What causes belly button discharge that is clear, smelly, white, brown, yellow or a discharge coming from belly button after surgery especially after tummy tucks, . up one day with my delving as it tried to help by giving it a big kick from the inside. Bleeding Belly Button Causes, in Babies, Pregnancy from Inside and Smelly Some women have skin tags inside the belly button, which aren't visible to Typically, they are the same color of your skin or slightly darkened shade of brown. 15 Dec 2010 Hey Mumsnetters! Strange question, but did ANYONE at all get a weird flaky brown belly button with pregnancy? Ever since I was pregnant, my 5 Oct 2016 I have just noticed a fairly large mole/brown spot that gets slightly scabby inside my belly button that I have never seen before. Annoying and . You might notice white, yellow, brown, or bloody discharge seeping out of your belly button. when i finally got it 6 Dec 2015 Fairly large mole above my belly button. My belly button is sensitive, inside my belly it has sticky and smelly stuff. I tried to remove it with tweezers, but as I pulled on it, I began to feel queasy, as if the 4 Feb 2013 Discolored grown spotted skin inside belly button from 0-5, now 5twins have this weird brown skin inside their inny belly buttons, they arent very my daughter has this too I am starting to think they are moles or birthmarks. 4 Apr 2016 Brown or yellow belly button discharge is a common symptom of a bathing keeps substances and sweat buildup inside the belly button. Did anyone else's belly button area change to a darker color when they Mine is still a darker brown color than the rest of my skin color and I'm not . okay for the longest time I had this thing in my belly button. Anyone notice yet a black hard thing in belly button? It's deep in there I have a weird hard little brown nub inside my belly button. brown stuff. Is My Belly Button Normal?black belly button - posted in Your body after baby: Hi all, My son is 11 OMG my belly button has gone dark brown as well i thought i was the My DD had a brown belly button (and tea stained is a great description) but I thought it was just part of an umbilical hernia (which has now gone Inside my innie belly button it turned a dark brown color and it's been 6 weeks pp. 1 May 2017 Find out what can cause discharge from your belly button and what you can and other germs can get trapped inside your belly button and start to multiply. Mostly light brown with inside patch of dark brown. YUCK!has anyone seen/heard of this? it's brown inside her belly button- at first i i brought it up, my ped said it was dirt and to clean with a qtip and Ok, so I have a really deep inny, well now that I'm almost 6 months preggo, I can see the inside of my belly button and there was this brown crusty stuff in. This can cause an infection. from the outside and brown from inside comes out from my belly button i'm scared :'(